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On Saturday in the Birmingham Mail Michael Nattrass, previous UKIP Chairman and Deputy Leader said of his leader: “Sadly the current antics of the leader bring to my mind such words and phrases as “gerrymandering”, “totalitarian”, “President of Zimbabwe” and “making Machiavelli look like an amateur”. He adds that the credibility of a party proclaiming democracy, freedom of speech and fair play has been destroyed.

Also recently published, is the Office of National Statistics listing of overseas trade. On a previous occasion we witnessed Mr Farage dishing out hostility - or is it discourtesy? The attack on Belgium is worse than a bit of illconceived fun, though. Consult our own Office of National Statistics figures and you will find in the attached extract that, per capita, Belgium ranks third among our European customers for British goods, and despite its small population is our 5th biggest overall importer. A fine way to treat your best customers, Mr Farage.

He has on a number of occasions assured us that continental suppliers would continue with ‘business as usual’ if we leave the EU. “I’m certain that Mercedes will want go on selling their cars from big showrooms in London”. Of course they would. /But the apparent lack of intellectual stature among his speechwriters cannot disguise the fact that that the British problem is precisely that we buy too many Mercs – and selling British-made goods to our European neighbours will certainly become harder if we are no longer EU members.

A pundit recently commented that UKIP is ‘not even worth ignoring’. Nice grin but the more you examine the substance behind Mr Farage – as Alice finds – it vanishes quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin. More Mirage, than Farage. Let’s hope our continental customers realise that he’s going to just fade away.

Lawrence Brewer
16 September 2013

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